IRS - Imagen por Resonancia Sonora

Multi-media piece (video + electronics), part of AGUA, a medium length-film featuring seven differents works on water. This piece was created as part of the MAGMA's Agua Residency during 2020 and 2021 (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) works with sympathetic vibrations between radio frequencies (from 3hz to 3Mhz) and hydrogen protons inside water molecules of the human body. The external device produces a magnetic field sending radio frequencies, stimulating those protons, registering their response and transforming it into an image.
IRS emulates in a sensible level how the water we carry inside behaves, as much strange as human. Everything that lies under the skin appears in the exterior, before our eyes, like a revealed mystery.


Simetrías - Composition and Sound Design (2019)

Simetrías is a dance piece written and directed by María Belén Rosaenz. The piece was awarded with the PIME grant by the National University of San Martin (UNSAM, Argentina) and it was premiered in the city of Barcelona at the Centro de Estudios Filosóficos Eugenio TrĂ­as from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


ERDUH (El Retorno de una Hormiga) (2019)

ERDUH (El Retorno de una Hormiga) is an audiovisual performance for computer, webcam and projector. The performer records three different sounds on loop, starts an automated process of audio swapping that creates tiny "clip" sounds. At the same time, a similar process is applied in the webcam streaming. After three minutes of that process, the sound turns into noise with reminiscences from the original audios and the video turns into a matrix of points based on the recorded images. FInally, the performer improvises with those sounds and the generative visuals are constantly linked to the sound changes.

Software used: Ableton Live 10, Max/MSP/Jitter 8.

Audio processing

The audio process is designed in Max and it consists in picking two small pieces of different audio buffers and swapping them with each other. This creates two clip sounds (the phase change points) for each swapping. When the process is repeated thousands of times, noise starts filling the waveform. The final result is noise with reminiscences of the original sound.

First moment: original sounds

Second moment: fragment picking

Third moment: swapping