La Disidencia de las Máquinas

La Disidencia de las Máquinas is Federico Isasti's main project. With Ernesto Jodos (piano) and Juan Bayón (upright bass), the group plays compositions that focus on rhytmic and timber fields.

Imago is the debut album. Released on August 13, 2021 on ears&eyes Records.


Born on 2017, NUDO is a duet with Mariano Sarra on piano and Federico Isasti on drums. The group works on the relationship between composition and improvisation on an acoustic setting.
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Lo Bueno no es de Nadie (What is good belongs to no one)

Solo set with drums & electronics.

Sales de Baño

Born on 2012, Sales de Baño has released three studio albums, won the 2019 award for Jazz Music given by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes and toured in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

Personnel: Lucas Goicoechea (alto sax), Camilo Ángeles (flutes), Mariano Cepeda (electric guitar), Andrés Mariano (piano & electronics), Carlos Quebrada (bass & composition) and Federico Isasti (drums).

Hello Cacus!

They met each other in New York on July 2018 and recorded a studio album, Happy Thief, released by ears&eyes. Enter Bandcamp

Personnel: Elias Stemeseder (piano), Petter Absjornsen (upright bass and composition) and Federico Isasti (drums and composition).

The Chewing Surface

The Chewing Surface started playing in Siena, on July 2017. Later on, they recorded their first album in New York (about to be released), on July 2018. The group plays compositions by the three of its members

Personnel: Mike McCormick (guitar & composition), Isabel Crespo (voice and composition) and Federico Isasti (drums and composition).

Nicolás Boccanera

Nicolás Boccanera trio started playing in 2015. The group plays Nicolas Boccanera's compositions, has released two studio albums (Fricción y Ficción, 2015; Recuerdo Aguja, 2019) and played the Festival de Jazz de Buenos Aires (2018), Festival de Jazz de Ramallo (2016) and music halls across Argentina.

Personnel: Nicolás Boccanera (piano & composition), Diana Maria Arias (upright bass) and Federico Isasti (drums).

Alan Plachta y la Cocina Magnética

The group plays Alan Plachta's compositions and tunes by Richard Nant, Daniel Viglietti, among others. It's first album was presented in the Festival de Jazz de Mendoza (2019), Festival de Jazz de Buenos AIres (2019) and in different music halls in Argentina and Uruguay.

Personnel: Anita Archetti (acordeon, voice, piano), Patricio Bottcher (flute, picolo flute, bass clarinet), Alan Plachta (guitar, piano & composition), Juli´n Mekler (upright bass) and Federico Isasti (drums).

Julián Mekler Sextet

The group plays argentinian bass player Julian Mekler's compositions. Its first album, Invasión, was released on May 2019 and the second one is about to be recorded.

Personnel: Sebastian Sáenz (trumpet), Camila Nebbia (tenor sax), Pía Hernández (piano), Pablo Cavalchini (electric guitar), Julián Mekler (upright bass & composition) and myself.

Compro Oro

Psychedelic cumbia & chicha band.

Personnel: Agustín Rubian (percussion), Juan Olivera (trumpet), Carlos Quebrada (bass), Mariano Cepeda (electric guitar) and Federico Isasti (drums).

Pía Hernández Sextet

Valentin Garvie (trumpet), Daniel Iván Bruno (trombone), Pablo Moser (tenor sax), Pía Hernández (piano & composition), Nacho Szulga (upright bass) and Federico Isasti (drums).