Federico Isasti is a drummer, composer, improviser and audio visual software developer based in Buenos Aires. Having participated as a drummer and co-leader in more than 15 albums of creative music groups (Alan Plachta, Pía Hernández, Elias Stemeseder, Julián Mekler, NUDO, among others) and being internationally recognized by his musical work (Sales de Baño - First Price for Unreleased Jazz Music 2019 (Primer Premio a Música Inédita Jazz 2019) FNA, The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: May 2019), Federico is also interested in interdisciplinary practice. In the field of movement and audio visual arts he composed electronic music for a dance piece (Simetrías, winner of PIME grant, UNSAM, premiered in Barcelona, 2019), created audiovisual performances (El Retorno de una Hormiga, audio looping and live video processing, 2019), art installations (IRS - Imagen por Resonancia Sonora, to be premiered in April 2022) and works as a web programmer/interactive platforms developer (El Próximo Paso - WebDoc, 2021). After being awarded the Beca a la Creación grant in 2019 to compose an album for piano trio and digital media, Federico developed a group of electronic devices that interact with the musicians in real time (Max/MSP). He currently leads La Disidencias de las Máquinas, NUDO (duet with Mariano Sarra on drums) and Bruxante (drums & electronics solo set).